March 15 – March 24
March 15 – March 24
We are pleased to invite you to an exciting gravel camp in the heart of Turkey - the city of Fethiye.

Together with experienced ride leaders, we will ride on 7 specially prepared routes, have a picnic in a secret place with the most magical view of the coast, at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level and visit the Greek ghost town of Kayakoy. One of our routes will pass right through it. And yet, we will go on a spacious yacht through the bays of the Aegean Sea and go trekking in the mountains. Together we will overcome the picturesque route along the most beautiful section of the Lycian Way.

On all rides, we will be accompanied by a car with water, snacks and tools, so no one needs to worry about punctures and breakages, as well as carry heavy bags with things that may come in handy on trips.
Our camp will be located in a comfortable three-story villa with a large area and a swimming pool. This means that we will all have a comfortable place to rest after a long day on the bike. The villa has a spacious common area where we will gather on warm evenings to play board games, watch movies and just chat, as well as several shower rooms, a large kitchen and everything necessary for servicing bicycles.

Two accommodation options are available for participants: the "base" option is a spacious double room. Even if you are traveling alone, we can easily find you a cool roommate. And if you want privacy, you can stay in a large room alone with the "comfort" option.

Our villa is located 15 minutes from the center of Fethiye and the nearest beach, in the heart of the best gravel trails.
Accommodation in a double room
Accommodation in a single room
Camp plan
During the day we meet the participants, check into villas and collect bicycles.
In the evening we will get to know each other and chat at a welcome dinner from our team, so that no one has to think about shops and food on the day of arrival.
See you for the morning briefing. We will tell you how our rides will go and some of the nuances of cycling on gravel roads.
We go to the first ride: at the beginning we will ride through the center of Fethiye, get to know the city, and in the middle of the route we will swim in the sea.
After dinner, we will all watch a cool movie together - the best thing is to relax after the first ride and digest emotions.
We ride to the neighboring town, have lunch there, drink coffee and go back. Of course, the route is gravel.
In the evening we make our way to a local restaurant to try traditional Turkish cuisine.
Let's start the day with a short but beautiful ride for those who wish. For those who want to take a break, we suggest taking a walk around Fethiye to feel the atmosphere of our town.
We have lunch together and go for a walk on a yacht in the open sea. We will swim, meet the sunset, listen to music and have fun.
We start the morning with exercises and leave: we will ride on cozy gravel roads along a small canyon, overcome a hill and stop in the valley of a mountain river for a picnic.
After lunch, we will go to sunset point to swim and watch the sunset.
We will get up early and take a fascinating scenic route. In the middle of the route, we will stop in an abandoned Greek ghost town to take a walk and take a bunch of cool photos.
In the evening we will prepare a common dinner and play board games.
We will have breakfast and start trekking along the famous Lycian Way. We will enjoy nature and swim on one of the most beautiful beaches in Oludeniz.
In the evening we will relax and have a cozy barbecue in the villa.
In the first half of the day we will have a route with a perfectly smooth high-speed gravel.
We will spend Friday evening in the center of Fethiye: we will walk, relax, drop by a cool party.
Final boss! We set off on the most voluminous and at the same time the most beautiful route. In the middle of the route we will make a stop for a picnic at our special spot, overlooking the sea from a height of 800 meters.
At sunset, we will arrange a big farewell dinner, we will share emotions and sum up our adventure.
DAY 10
We pack bicycles and collect things.
We hug and say "see you again!"
The price of the tour does not include: food, transfer from the airport, insurance.
Photos and videos for the memory
7 gravel routes
Cinema and board games in the evenings
Service car
Hiking on the Lycian Way
Specialty coffee
Walk in the open sea
Best beaches
How it was
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